Short Stories

product_thumbnailHuldra’s Song Published in October 2014 in Dark Fairy Tales Revisited: volume II (Anthology) In the thick pine forests of Norway a lost huntsman comes face to face with an ancient figure from folklore. Published by Horrified Press. Available in print.



amazonnightmare2Ghost Girl, Zombie Boy and the Count
Published in March 2014 in American Nightmare (Anthology) In 1950s American suburbia three kids go trick or treating and uncover a dark secret concerning the town’s past. Available in print and ebook format from Kraken Press




darkeclipse6Envy Like Fire Published in December 2011 in Dark Eclipse #6 A trio of roaming vampires seek shelter in the bowels of a monastery, but find their friendship put to the test as jealousy leads to hate.






dmd3Cirque des Façades Published in March 2011 in Dark Moon Digest A performer in a sick and depraved circus in nineteenth century Paris finds her past catching up with her.





spinetinglers 2011The Girl and the Mist Published 15/09/2009 on A Victorian hotel on the North Devonshire coast holds a dark secret; one that is revealed when the mist rolls in off the headland in the autumn of 1886… ‘The Girl and the Mist’ came fifth in Spinetingler’s monthly competition in September 2009 and can be read online here. It has also been published in the Spinetinglers 2011 anthology available from Amazon.



spinetinglers 2010The Tapping Published 01/03/2009 on During World War II a German U-boat is grounded on the sea bed. Down in the dark depths the crew find themselves up against an ancient evil that uses their own fears against them… ‘The Tapping’ came first place in Spinetinglers’ monthly competition in April 2009 and can be read online here. It has also been published in the Spinetinglers 2010 anthology available from Amazon.


Flash Fiction

Hellacious Halloween

The Bridge of Swords

Published in November 2013 in Horror Novel Reviews Presents: One Hellacious Halloween Vol. 1



A Flash of FictionGreat Worms in the Temple of Uruk

Published in November 2013 in Flash of Fiction by Short Story Competition HQ.

Available from Smashwords.


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