Guest Post – Fictional 18th Century Inns and their Real-Life Inspirations

I’ve done another guest post over at EHFA. This time it’s about pubs, inns and coaching houses in 18th century novels and their real-life counterparts. Take a look here.

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The Rebel and the Runaway Cover Reveal

With the Hengest and Horsa Trilogy now complete and available, I am free to release other books and work on other projects. This is a novel I’ve been working on for a couple of years now and am thrilled to reveal its cover and blurb. Based on a true murder case that took place in the 1740s, it involves smugglers, rebellions and romance. It is something of a personal story for me, being set in the village I grew up in (at least until I was nearly eight) so I had a blast researching this dark chapter in my village’s history.

Look for The Rebel and the Runaway within the next few weeks.

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England, 1746. A wild land sown with the seeds of rebellion. A time when loyalty is bought dear and life sold cheap.

When fifteen-year-old Alice Sinclair runs away from home she embarks on a perilous quest for acceptance in a world bound by prejudice and hypocrisy. Her journey leads her to the White Hart; a grubby inn on the border between Hampshire and Sussex where she finds employment as a barmaid. Alice is at first frightened by the rough clientele but gradually comes to accept them as friends and develops a strong bond with one of them – Will Carter – a dark and dangerous man whose brooding nature masks his true passions.

What Alice doesn’t realize is that her new companions are members of the notorious Hawkhurst Gang; the most feared and violent group of smugglers in all England. She soon finds herself adrift in a maelstrom of murder and betrayal and is forced to question her loyalties when she discovers a connection between the man she loves and the Jacobite uprising against the Crown. On the run, in peril and torn between family and love, Alice’s story is one of passion and defiance, entwined with one of England’s most shocking murder cases.

Based on true events

A King’s Legacy Released!

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The final installment in the Hengest and Horsa Trilogy is now out in ebook format, available from Amazon! Here’s the blurb;

Before Arthur, before Alfred, England was born in blood and fire.

Britain, 447 A.D. The war in the north is drawing to a close. King Talorc has been placed on the throne of the Pictish tribes and for Hengest and Horsa it is time to return home. But much has changed since they set out to earn their kingdom. Lord Vertigernus has been deposed by his two sons and forces conspire to sunder the alliance between Briton and Saxon.

Hengest’s daughter, Hronwena, embarks on a perilous quest to save the life of a young boy and thwart her odious husband while her sons-in-law invite the famed Bishop Germanus to the shores of Britain, beginning the great battle that will define the age. Soon the whole land is thrown into bloody strife. With loyalties divided, Hengest and Horsa embark on their final battle and history hangs in the balance.

So begins the last chapter in the saga of Hengest and Horsa in which treachery rears its ugly head and loyalties are overturned. Love and honour are lost on the battlefield and only through suffering and heartbreak can the ultimate triumph be achieved; the foundation of England.