New Novella for Halloween!

Halloween season is upon us once again and, due to the fantastic response I got from my novella The Visitor at Anningley Hall last year, I decided to do another!

This one is set in the modern day and revolves around viral videos, teen suicide, the black death and parallel worlds. Old Town is available from Amazon now!


The city of Exeter has been struck by a wave of teen suicides. Nothing connects the teenagers but a mysterious viral video that Michael, freelance photographer, is desperate to get to the bottom of. With his stepson Billy mourning the loss of his older brother and rapidly slipping away into seclusion, Michael races against time to save his fractured family.

Meanwhile, Billy has discovered the dark heart of Exeter; a parallel world that has co-existed for centuries. Irresistibly drawn to it, Billy wanders the cobbled streets of ‘Old Town’ and encounters its decadent prince, Mister Toby; a grotesque figure who holds a seductive power over the souls in his grasp.  


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