The Quest to Get Published: Part 2

I am about to embark on an adventure. I have long been intrigued by the ebook revolution. It has turned the self publishing process from a ‘vanity press’ to something that reaches a far wider audience that can really make its authors some money. I’ve been inspired by writers like Lindsay Buroker (whose blog is well worth a visit) who have been able to turn a hobby into a full-time career. With the increasing difficulties in pursuing the traditional publishing route, the self-published ebook offers an outlet for many fine authors who would otherwise have gone ignored by the big publishing houses for whatever reasons. My own frustrations at receiving one ‘good, but not for us’ rejection letter after another, I have decided to dip my feet into the world of self publishing.

I have long had an idea for a ‘dime novel’ type series about a British adventurer in the nineteenth century and even worked out a couple of drafts a few years ago. The idea has since developed into a three novel Steampunk series which I will kick off with a free short story (to be released soon) and an additional short story which I plan to give away to subscribers of my new blog at

Yes, I’m publishing these under a pseudonym. This isn’t out of a wish to hide my identity, but Steampunk is a very different animal to my historical novels (which I’m still trying to get published) and I feel that they would work better under a different name. P. J. Thorndyke will by my pseudonym for lots of projects (not just Steampunk) in the future. I have plenty of ideas for pulpy-style adventures in different genres so this will be a good outlet for those stories. So, if Steampunk or pulp fiction is your thing, head on over to my new blog and buckle up for the ride! I don’t know how it’s going to turn out but I’m sure I’ll learn plenty along the way as well as having some fun.


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